Sorrel ‘De Belleville’ French Sorrel Seeds – Herb – 500 Seeds


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Choose a suitable part of the garden. Sorrel likes sun or semi-shade. The soil
should be light and of average richness.
Sow the seeds in the spring. Broadcast sow the seeds.
Thin the seedlings. Thin to 30-40cm/12-16″ apart. This is important to give the
sorrel enough space for strong, vigorous and succulent growth.
Add rotted animal manure to the soil. This will help to promote strong leaf
Keep well watered regularly. Sorrel needs to be watered regularly to prevent
the leaves from wilting or burning off.
Fertilise monthly with the application of high-nitrogen liquid or soluble
Prune to remove seed growth. To prevent the growth of seeds, pinch out seedbearing stalks/flower stems when they appear.
The leaves should be gathered frequently or the plant risks becoming
unproductive. Pick from the outside of the plant first.
Store harvested leaves in a plastic bag in the fridge for up to three days.
Sorrel is excellent in salads and cooked like spinach.
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