Kompolti Hemp REGULAR seeds® 100 Pack

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  • Type: dioecious
  • Recommended cycle: 160 days
  • Harvest: from October onwards.
  • Height: +/- 2.5-3.5m outdoors.
  • Seeds per HA: 500-800 kg/HA.
  • Hemp oil per seed: 26-30%
  • Seed size: large.
  • Fiber: 26-30%
  • Biomass yield: 12-15 T/HA
  • CBD: +/- 2-3% although some plants produce up to 6%
  • THC: +/- 0.12%

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Kompolti is a dioecious industrial hemp strain that was developed in Hungary in order to produce seeds. These plants are quite large, and they can also be used for making flour or oil. This strain is also perfect for those that would still like to enjoy cannabis flavors without getting high – it offers a very soft calming effect thanks to its CBD content. Its flavors and aromas are similar to Kush strains.

This particular hemp plant is a bit more complicated to grow than others. This is because it needs a whopping 6 months to grow before the light change if you want to get any good results at all. It can easily grow over three meters tall. Its flowering period should be finished at around October, so you’ll need to be quite patient with this particular hemp strain. Take care not to feed it too well, however, as it may end up exceeding the legal amount of THC.

This strain produces enormous cannabis seeds in enormous amounts. It’s the perfect way to make your very own hemp oil, like we said before. It’s also known for its large CBD content, which can end up being over 3% in some cases. You can make your own CBD cold extracts using its flowers too, and its trunks and stems are perfect for extracting fiber. You can also smoke or vaporize its flowers thanks to its delicious combination of terpenes.


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