Fast Buds Original Auto Skunk


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The sweetest strain in our Original Line as well as one of our quickest to be ready for harvest. A very easy to grow variety that reaches up to 20% THC. A hard and durable autoflowering strain that handles bad weather with ease. Thanks to the Skunk heritage, she is  perfectly suited for growers experiencing short Summers and colder climates.

GENETICS Skunk x Ruderalis
VARIETY Mostly Indica
FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering
SEX Feminised
YIELD 400 – 500 gr/m2
PLANT HEIGHT 80 – 100 cm.
FLOWERING TIME 56 days from seed
TASTE / FLAVOUR Candy, Skunk, Sweet
EFFECT Balanced, Happy, Relaxing, Talkative
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Skunk Bud description

Skunk Auto’s buds are frosted white with pink and purple hues, with an abundance of electric orange hairs.  Moreover, the dense buds are of a good size.  Additionally, the swollen calyx releases an aroma of forest fruits and candy. Likewise, the aroma alone can give you a sweet tooth just from the captivating essence she contains.

Smoke report

The effects are quick and long-lasting as this girl will keep you constantly buzzed with a calming feeling. Skunk is not too heavy, or racy and will make you feel like talking and laughing. Consequently, it will immediately put you in a fun and carefree mood. Strongly recommended for kicking back with friends, out socializing, or for staying alert and upbeat throughout the day.

Plant Appearance

Plants will grow with a medium height finishing in about 2 months. A rapid producer that does not waste any time, meaning she is a great strain for beginner growers or commercial growers and those who plant outdoors and want a perpetual harvest during the year. Expect yields of 400-500gr/m2 and for Original Auto Skunk to grow small golf ball nugs, that turn white with resin and a purple hue, adding to her bag appeal even further.

Skunk Grow Tips

If growing outdoors it is possible to harvest this girl every two months, meaning it is possible to grow from Spring until the end of Summer consistently. Planting a large number of seeds closely together will enhance yields further, due to her uniform low profile characteristics as this girl does incredibly well in a Sea of Green. She is highly reliable outdoors and thanks to the short flowering period, you can be sure to produce fantastic results with little maintenance.


The flavour of this strain is special and will remind you of sweet candy with an earthy and floral edge. It may be described as sweet shop candy with the old school funk from the Skunk. She will probably be one of the sweetest auto-flowering strains you will ever try!

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