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Orange Sherbet Auto is a sativa-dominant strain which has been dubbed a “super sour orange-flavoured terp monster”. This is a highly resinous strain suitable for extract-making and also boasts very high levels of THC to match its intense flavour. A very easy to grow plant with which even the complete novice will enjoy success.

This is a very low-maintenance strain and one which has a complete life-cycle of just 9 – 10 weeks from seed through to harvest. Growing between 110 – 150 cm. tall its broad bushy shape and yields make it commercially interesting. Yields are in the range 500 – 650 gr/m2 which is very good from photo-period plants let alone autos!

THC content can reach 24% while CBD production is low at less than 1% providing a highly potent sativa high which is very long-lasting. Great for concentrates especially ice/water hash from the trichome-rich trim.

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Bud description

This orange strain Orange Sherbet Auto is a Sativa dominant. has a completely white appearance due to her being covered in trichomes. Therefore this orange strain is large-sized making her buds look stacked. The buds have a very distinct tangerine, orange fruity aroma with a sharp sour, sherbet background, and when handled are highly resinous.

Smoke report

Not to mention she is Sativa dominant.  Coupled with Potency as she keeps you in floating for hours on end.  Not to mention Absolutely delicious flavours and an effect that can be described as uplifting, exhilarating, deeply creative and motivated. Therefore this cannabis orange strain is perfect for social scenarios, dinner parties, days at the beach, a long hike, getting through a long to-do list or just playing music, gaming or reading.

Orange strain Plant Appearance

One of our taller hybrids that can grow between 110-150cm so is best suited for those with plenty of growing space. Therefore due to her Sativa heritage, expect this lady to grow quickly with large sized internodal spacing and a wide bushy appearance. Yields of 500-600gr/m2 can be expected, so we advise supporting her during the blooming period. An incredible producer of extremely resinous flowers, that performs well in all climates, but especially in warmer zones.  For this reason, she will grow large-sized buds, with prolific amounts of resin on the surrounding leaves, that will have hash makers licking their lips in anticipation.

Grow Tips

We recommend performing plant training such as L.S.T with this orange strain.  As this will help open her canopy and increase yields further. Adding bamboo canes for support will help hold the weight of the buds during the flowering stage. Indoor growers with limited space may have issues controlling the final height, so we suggest tying plants down. Thanks to her heavy onset of resin on both buds and leaves, she makes some excellent water hash, dry sift and extracts meaning you should have your trim bins ready when harvesting this special cultivar.

Orange strain Flavour

Moreover, this orange strain flavour can be described as a cocktail of fresh orange juice and sweet and sour tangerine sherbet. In addition, she has a very sharp and distinctive taste that accompanies the cerebral effect wonderfully that will leave a strong fruit smoothie flavour in your mouth. Additionally, she is just beautiful.


VARIETY Mostly Sativa
FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering
SEX Feminised
YIELD 500 – 650 gr/m2
PLANT HEIGHT 110 – 150 cm.
GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 63 – 70 days from seed
TASTE / FLAVOUR Orange, Sour
EFFECT Powerful


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