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Think Different Auto achieves its goal which was to provide the yield and potency of the best photo-period strains. It was created by crossing a heavy-yielding, extremely potent AK47 hybrid called AK420 with a top quality Ruderalis. Its stated aim was to improve on the excellent Auto Mazar of 2011.

Auto Think Different will grow in any environment requiring just 10 – 11 weeks from germination to produce its abundant, quality harvest. It is a sativa-dominant (60%) marijuana strain that can grow more than one meter tall and produce yields of 500 gr/m,sup>2indoors under 600 watt grow lights under a SCROG system. Outdoors or in a greenhouse yields are between 50 – 250 gr/plant. Please note that even fairly new growers should manage 100 gr/plant and that the lower figure of 50 gr. would be a pretty poor grow for this strain!

THC production is very good and has been measured at between 16% – 18%. After drying and curing the aroma has been likened to that of plums. The effect is powerful, hard-hitting and full of sativa energy. It can seem to be rather edgy and anxiety-inducing for those who tend to have a problem with this type of sativa high but for those who love the ride it will be massively enjoyable.