Dutch Passion Lemon Kix Auto 3 Pack



Dutch Passion

Parental Lines

Lemon Skunk X Zkittlez X Ruderalis


Light Green

Flowering type




Yield outdoor

Low (<200gr/Plant)

Yield indoor

High (450-600gr/M2)

Autoflowering seed to harvest time

10 To 12 Weeks

Suitable climates





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Lemon Kix Auto (formerly Lemon Zkittle Auto) is a sativa-dominant auto-flowering strain with illustrious parentage of Zkittlez and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk, two of the most successful recent US strains. This plant produces exceptional yields and a very high level of THC production, all the more remarkable considering its auto status.

The Skunk background of Lemon Kix Auto ensures an uncomplicated grow, even for the beginner. It does well in all environments, indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. The life cycle is complete in approximately 75 days indoors while outdoors 100 days is a more realistic average. Occasionally some plants may take as much as two weeks longer and these will be the very biggest of yielders. The faster time indoors is a reflection of the “20 hours per 24” lighting cycle that Dutch Passion recommends which can only be equalled outdoors by growers in very high latitudes.

The scent is very fruity with a distinct Skunk edge to it and its taste is of sour citrus. The effect is very potent due to its 21% THC, is long-lasting and imparts feelings of euphoria. A very uplifting plant.