Dutch Passion Kerosene Krash Auto 3 Pack



Dutch Passion

Parental Lines

Kerosene Krash (GG#4 X Sherbet) X Auto Glueberry O.G. (Glueberry OG X Auto Blueberry)



Flowering type




THC content

High (16-24%)

Suitable climates


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Kerosene Krash Auto resulted from Dutch Passion’s desire to add auto-flowering genetics to their prodigious photoperiod version. To achieve this ruderalis genes were added by way of Glueberry OG Auto. This resulted in a hybrid with fruitier characteristics than the original but one with very high yields as well as potency.

Kerosene Krash Auto can be cultivated indoors and outdoors, taking a total of 12 weeks or so to complete the cycle from seed through to harvest. Growers can expect large, Christmas tree-shaped plants with a strong, central cola and very dense, resinous buds with both the form and size of golf-balls.

During flowering the flowers become extremely pungent and indoor growers in urban areas are strongly recommended to employ good carbon filtering to clean the air of strong cannabis smells. The best results accrue with a 20 hours on, 4 hours off light regime.

THC levels are very high, in excess of 20%. The effect is highly potent.