Broadleaf Sage Culinary Herb – Salvia Officinalis – 10 Seeds


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Culinary Sage
Fill the 6-inch pot with rich humus potting soil. Add 1 quart water to the mix
and allow excess moisture to drain.
Lay 10 to 12 sage seeds evenly over the top of the moist potting soil. The seeds
are very small, and you may add more than you intended, which means more
Sprinkle 1/8 inch of dry potting soil over the seed.
Cover the pot with a single layer of plastic food wrap. The plastic wrap aids in
retaining moisture and heat around the seeds for increased germination rates.
Set the pot in a well-lit area out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may
prematurely dry out the potting soil.
Check the potting soil for moisture content on a weekly basis. If the soil feels
dry, add 1 cup water. Keep the pot covered with the plastic food wrap.
Remove the plastic wrap from the seedlings when 1 inch in height. Transplant
the seedlings 2 feet apart in full sun after danger of frost has passed in the
spring. Sage grows well in most types of well-drained soils.
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