Fast Buds

Fast Buds quickly made a name for itself in the autoflowering cannabis seed industry, becoming recognized as the first company to bring American genetics in autoflower form. Notably, our latest innovations have been breaking worldwide THC level records for autoflowering strains, further solidifying our reputation for excellence.

We’ve been active participants in the most important cannabis cups and events worldwide, garnering attention and numerous awards. Fast Buds has proudly won the most prestigious autoflower awards at international events, including the Autoflower World Cup, American Autoflower Cup, POTY, Autoflower Cannabis Cup, and many more.

Overall, since 2016 we have won over 20 different prizes and awards in different cannabis events internationally, including:

  • Copa Secreta – 2015, Chile.
  • Copa Canábica Litoral de los Poetas – 2016, 2017, 2018 Chile.
  • Best Seedbank – India/Sativa Trade 2022
  • Best Autoflower  – Cosecha Cup 2022
  • Best Sativa Strain – Autoflowering World Cup 2022 for Gorilla Punch Auto
  • Best Autoflowering Seed Bank – Growdiaries Poty Cup 2022
  • Best Sativa Strain – American Autoflower Cup 2023

Before realizing it, we were stocked in +1000 shops in more than 35 countries and our strains were still winning lots of awards in international cannabis fairs, rapidly becoming the most talked-about autoflower seed bank in the world.

We focus on selecting the biggest, strongest, and overall best genetics based on our years of experience. So yes, the best genetics are the most important part of autoflower breeding and what makes us stand out is that we won’t settle for anything other than perfection.

We truly believe we offer the best seeds in the autoflowering seed market.

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Showing all 12 results